Who we are

We are Dea Solutions, a dynamic web development company, specialized in the development of innovative software solutions and applications, based on the latest technology.

Since our foundation in 2011, it has been our practice to carefully select each new member to gather a results-driven team of professionals, who have a long-standing experience in web development and strive for perfection in every project.

Partnering with Design Studio Done Collective, based in Alexandria, VA, USA, our company has evolved significantly in the fields of web design, classic media design and SEO.

We stay involved in the entire software development process, from communication and planning to delivery and testing. With over 100 successfully completed projects, consistently delivered in a timely fashion, we strive to exceed our client’s expectations, majority of which for well-known companies in Europe and in the USA, including Expatica, MentorMate, Weston Digital, Kids Pro Soccer, Bianor, Iteco, WebMedia, Orange Dot. Our offices are located in The US (Washington DC) and in Bulgaria (Sofia).

We believe Dea Solutions is your ideal partner to stay ahead of your competitors, and gain that winning edge.

Why Choose Dea?

  • High-quality web and mobile solutions

  • Experience in an array of web development projects

  • Highly specialized and developers with years of expertise

  • A Creative & individual approach to every client

  • Experience in a wide range of web & mobile technologies

  • Fluency in English, French, Italian and Russian languages

  • Bulgaria is a leading global destination for outsourcing

Why to Outsource to Bulgaria?

Bulgaria is among the top preferred locations for outsourcing in Eastern Europe. A unique combination of geography, quality of human resources and infrastructure makes Bulgaria an attractive destination for outsourcing IT projects.

  • As a member state of the EU, Bulgaria offers a visa-free travel

  • Highly qualified, relatively low cost labor force

  • 2-3 hours flight duration to all major European capital cities

  • Monetary & political stability

  • Flight & communication with clients is easy and cost efficient


. . . listen

We have a clear understanding of our customers. We constantly talk to them, always taking notes and changes to address their unique business needs and make sure we deliver exactly what they want.

. . . don't believe in the short-run

By being responsive and relevant, Dea Solutions aim to build long-term partnership with any business regardless of its size and industry. We believe that with Dea Solutions as your chosen partner we can keep you ahead of your competitors by having that winning edge.

. . . 're creative problem solvers

We are incredibly effective at providing innovative and creative solutions. We have the ability to predict what the customer will need in the future and do our best to enable businesses to achieve and sustain high-performance and guarantee their long-term success.

. . . stand out

Dea Solutions employs talented, result-driven and competent people with strong work ethic. The key to our success are the members of our team who strive for perfection, as well as to deliver timely and exceeding the expectations results.
At Dea Solutions, the quality and dedication of our people are what make us great.

Our knowledge is mainly in the fallowing areas of expertise:

  • Design

  • HTML 4 / 5 - CSS 2 / 3 integration

  • PHP 5 / MySql Development

  • Mobile - Android – Java Development

  • DB and Software Architecture

  • Frontend Development (Jquery, Ajax, Sencha, ExtJs ...)

  • Test / QA

  • Content Integration

  • Copy-writing

  • SEO


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